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Discover Valloire on foot

From our hotel in the centre of the village

Welcome to Valloire! At an altitude of 1430 m, this is an authentic Savoyard village, proud of its heritage and its sporty and welcoming nature. The history of the village, going hand in hand with that of the Vallée d’Or since the year 1000, is full of knowledge, heritage and culture, all of which have helped to create the village’s Alpine character based around its beautiful Baroque church. The entrance to the village has also played a part in its history. The Col du Galibier, a mountain pass taken for centuries, has helped to shape the identity of the village, which the inhabitants have been able to carefully maintain. In the shops, on the slopes or during a conversation, the inhabitants of Valloire are always there with a story to tell with a sincere simplicity. As such, you’ll discover that this place has a certain something, a true inner wealth.

With a dry and sunny summer client that is excellent for health, Valloire spreads its many charms across 17 hamlets, staggered between 1400 and 1800 m. The community benefits from numerous aspects of mountain landscapes, stretching from around 700 m on the banks of the Arc up to more than 3500 m on the Aiguilles d'Arves. The blue of the Lake of the Cerces and Rochilles Lake; the majestic Télégraphe Forest; the Alpine Neuvachette and Valloirette Valleys; the imposing peaks of the Grand Galibier - you’re sure to find the right place for whatever you want to do!

A stay at our hotel located in the heart of Valloire is your invitation to experience the relaxing, family atmosphere of the village with its Baroque church, its small shopping streets and its spaces for children.